Bhutan's Tarayana Foundation Started A Kitchen Garden For Every Household In Tading Gewog


Funded by the World Bank, the Tarayana Foundation also plans to carry out similar projects in other rural communities in Bhutan.

(Source: Tarayana Foundation)


By Pema Seldon Tshering BBS

Every household in Tading Gewog, district of Samtse will now have a kitchen garden within their premises. This was implemented following a survey conducted by the Tarayana Foundation, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Compared to other villages in Bhutan, there were problems of nutrient deficiency in Tading Gewog.

To address this issue, the Tarayana Foundation started a project called ‘Capacity development and communication for improved nutrition' in the rural areas last year.

Why Tading Gewog was chosen for the project?

The project was funded by the World Bank. After making a brief study, the foundation decided to implement the project in Tading Gewog since the community lacked sanitary conditions in the areas of maternal and children's health. It also faces other problems such as malnutrition and neo-natal deaths.


Photo: Facebook/Tarayana Foundation


In terms of nutrition, even if the community members are aware of the need to eat different varieties of food or vegetables, if they do not have the means to grow those kinds of foods, it actually does not serve the purpose.

"Especially in Tading, the lack of water is one of the major issues. Community members cannot have a kitchen garden to even grow any kind of food,” said Sonam Pem, the Director of Programmes at Tarayana Foundation.


Photo: Tarayana Foundation 


Through this project, we hope to improve the dietary diversity and enhance the care practices of pregnant and nursing women in that particular area.

How was the project carried out?

What we basically did was that we looked at different communication methods and communication mediums to convey the messages.

One of the most effective communication media was through interpersonal relations, that is, by identifying a key individual change agent in the community, we can convey important messages and information through that individual.

“At the same time, using a local service provider like Health assistant, school teachers, other extension officers along with our own field officer, we tried to communicate with the community,” the Director of Programmes said.

The Tarayana Foundation also plans to carry out similar projects in other rural communities in the country.


This article first appeared in BBS and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.


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