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Transforming The Economy Through Tourism: A High Value, Low Impact Dilemma

What measures must Bhutan take to prevent the destruction that challenges other niche destinations,...

Apr 16, 2019 15:46

Encouraging Farmers In Bhutan To Cultivate Japanese Persimmons

Unlike the local persimmon that irritates the throat, the Japanese variety is better and bears...

Apr 09, 2019 22:00

Global Warming And Its Adverse Impact On Yak Herders In Bhutan

The study seeks to evaluate the vulnerabilities of yak herding in Bhutan due to climate change.

Apr 01, 2019 15:38

New Frog And Waterbird Species Discovered In Bhutan

The discoveries take the number of water bird species in Bhutan to 81 and the amphibian species to...

Mar 30, 2019 15:58

College Of Science & Technology Students In Bhutan Built Solar-Electric Vehicle

The vehicle resembles an auto-rickshaw but has better looks with Bhutanese design.

Mar 26, 2019 19:18

National Geographic Photo Camp Team Trained Some Bhutanese On Story-telling Through Photography

Around twenty participants were trained on story-telling through photography at a photo camp from...

Mar 23, 2019 16:08

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