Tsirang- The Organic Food Capital of Bhutan


Bhutanese loves chillies, there are dishes where chillies are the main ingredient and these mouth scorching meals may well be accompanied by chilli-infused condiments. It will bring tears of joy to the eyes of chilli lovers and other beware and Tsirang produces one of the hottest chilli in Bhutan, locally known as ‘Dalley’ chilli which many Bhutanese fancies come from Tsirang.



Tsirang district is in the south of the country but is separated from the southern border by Sarphang Dzongkhag. The altitude ranges from 400-2,000 meters above sea level. The major town is Damphu, reached by the road leading south from Wangdue Phodrang. The road passes through the Sankosh/ Punatsangchu river which is considered as the longest river in Bhutan. The road continues southeast from Damphu to the border town of Sarphang.

Although Tsirang is considered as the most livable town in the southern part of Bhutan, the district is least visited by tourist. However, the reason why the town is considered as the most livable town is because of the fresh food and organic vegetable locals get to consume that too at the most reasonable price compared to other districts of Bhutan.

Some of the popular and exotic food that comes from Tsirang are; 



Orange cultivation is famous in the dzongkhag and a leading producer in the country. The main source of cash income for farmers is through the sale of oranges besides vegetables. The mandarin produce of Bhutan has a very stable market which is exported to India and Bangladesh. The Bhutanese mandarin has a comparative advantage in the international market as the products are purely organic and have good taste.

 Dalley and Bamboo shoot pickles

Unlike other pickles, Bamboo shoots with dalley are one of the exceptional product specially made from the peel and pulp of the bamboo with little added spice of southern Bhutananese hot chillies dalley. Consuming dalley ensures health satisfaction as the product is exclusively based on organic. Thus people indulge in full-bodied flavour and outstanding quality of bamboo shoots with Daley pickles.

Along the Wangdue-Tsirang highway, local vendors have stalls that sell varieties of pickles and its many highway man's favourite stop spot to buy a local souvenir.

Ginger Production

The geo-climatic condition favours ginger cultivation and farmers are having a good opportunity for commercialization. The locally produced ginger has a good market opportunity within as well as the outside country. The price of ginger is high and remains stable due to high demand within the country as well as outside the country. The production of ginger not only decreases import but also improve the balance of trade.


Due to the mild weather, both summer and winter vegetable is grown very well in the district. Therefore Tsirang dzongkhag has a seasonal advantage in terms of vegetable production over other dzongkhags. Farmers of Tsirang take fresh vegetables to Thimphu centenary farmers Market. The main products in the dzongkhag are oranges, paddy, ginger, cabbage, cauliflower and others. The high demand for locally produced vegetables is mainly due to good tastes freshness and organic nature.

 Daily products/Poultry

Livestock rearing is also an important economic activity contributing to subsistence consumption and income generation. Tsirang dzongkhag ranked the 2nd highest level in the country in terms of egg and chicken production. Since the district has a diverse ethnic group and mostly the native Hindu community rear poultry. The Buddhist community considered poultry farming as a sinful activity and priories on dairy farming. Poultry farming is very common in all Gewogs.

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