The Longest Urban Hiking Trail from PangriZampa to Lungtenphu, Thimphu


This trail is a less explored pocket of paradise for trekkers and wanderers who are in search of natures hospitality and solitude away from the bustling Thimphu Town. Pangizampa trail is also a mountain bike route loop which leads to Hongtsho taking full day covering around 47kms from Thimphu.



Trail (both for hike/cycle)

The trail starts from Pangrizampa which is almost 12 km drive towards the northern side from Thimphu town. The longest urban trail covers total distance of 13 KM from Pangrizampa to Lungtenphu Base. Although the trail was developed connecting other hiking trails around Thimphu Valley, this trail is known less amongst the locals and urbanites. Today, the bushes and fallen trees have blocked some parts of the trail.

View of Palace

Unlike other trails in and around Thimphu, Pangrizampa- Lungtenphu Trail provides a scenic view of Thimphu from the north to the south. What makes this hiking trail unique is the picturesque view of Royal Palaces.

The first palace one comes across is the view of the three-storied building set amidst willow trees, lawns and ponds known as Dechencholing palace. Dechencholing Palace is the birthplace of the great fourth king of Bhutan. The palace is surrounded by forest to the east and west; the eastern forest is denser and is said to be the only leafy forest in the city. The palace lies at the northern end of the Thimphu Valley, on the west bank of the Thimphu River.

The second palace one comes across opposite to the hiking trail is Lingkana Palace. Lingkana Palace is the residence of current king Jigme Kheser Namgyal Wangchuck, Queen Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck and two dragon prince of Bhutan. Both the dragon Prince was born at Lingakana Palace.

The kings of Bhutan has been praised and appreciated by people from around the world for living a modest lifestyle. 

Photography paradise

You truly can photograph paradise from the mountain top. There are often great views in other directions. One could capture the view of Picturesque  Palaces, Tashi Choedzong, Indian House, Royal Bhutan Gold Course, National Stadium, Buddha Point and many other significant landmarks from the viewpoint of this untrodden trail.

Hoisting Prayer Flags

Taba hills are popularly known amongst the locals for hoisting prayer flags.If you spot one patch of colours in the middle of the lush green forest it’s the prayer flags that stand tall to ward off the evil, bring in prosperity and wealth. The prayer flags carry prayers of Avalokiteshvara, Tara, Guru Rinpoche and other Gods.

Mushroom Picking

During summer, mushroom pickers rush towards the mountains to pick mushroom. Amongst species of mushrooms, people hunt for Chanterelles mushroom, since it fetches a good price. During weekends even civil servants hit beyond the trail in search of Mushroom.

The Chanterelles are relatively high in vitamin C, potassium and are among the richest sources of vitamin D. Scientific research has suggested that the golden Chanterelles may have potent insecticidal properties that are harmless to humans and yet protect the mushroom body against insects and other potentially harmful organisms.



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