Rare Collection Of Bhutanese Stamps By Marion Hass Officially Opened In Postal Museum


Mrs Marion’s collection will enrich and assist the postal museum in documenting the postal and communications narrative of Bhutan.

(Source: Facebook/Bhutan Stamps)


By Sonam Pem BBS

On 2 August, the Bhutan Post officially opened a special gallery of rare and valuable collections of stamps, maps, clippings, newsletters and other mixed artefacts in its Postal Museum in Thimphu.

The collection was submitted to His Majesty The King by a long-time friend of Bhutan, Mrs Marion Hass, through her will. Mrs Marion passed away in 2016 in Germany.

Marion Hass's rare stamp collection in a special gallery at the Postal Museum, Thimphu.

Photo: BBS


The collection includes several original telegram messages, fiscal stamps issued in 1954 which are not available any more with Bhutan Post as well as a catalogue of stamps issued by Bhutan from 1962 to 1989.

How Marion Hass’s collection of stamps will benefit Bhutan

Mrs Marion’s collection will enrich and assist the postal museum in documenting the postal and communications narrative of the country.

Marion Hass was a passionate follower of Bhutan’s postal history and she had accumulated a rich philatelic collection that included some postal products that are not available even in Bhutan.

Some of her stamps and mixed items helped fill the gaps in the story of Bhutan’s postal history dating back to 1962.


Source: Youtube/WildFilmsIndia

“The collection contains not only philatelic postal stamps but also maps. Her collection is important because she has rare innovative stamps, first day covers and clippings which Bhutan Post doesn’t have. Actually this museum was started quite late, so some of our collections were out of the country. Now we are getting these collections because people are aware of the museum wherein they can donate their collections. It will really help in the research and documentation of the important events of the stamps and the history of Bhutan,” said Tshering Chhoki, Head Corporate & International Relations of Bhutan Post.

Encouraging young Bhutanese to be interested in philately

“When we hold a special collection, it encourages younger people to collect. When we look at the collection, people think that they are collecting trash. But there is a saying that someone’s trash is another man’s treasure. So just now it might look like trash but while going through this collection they will say that if one lady can collect this much then why can’t we? And then maybe they will also be interested in collecting stamps. Because philately in the local collection, frankly speaking, there are not many local collectors, it’s mostly international,” said Tshering Chhoki.


The Postal Museum in Thimphu offers the customisation of personal stamps, printed on the spot.

Photo: Rafting Bhutan


Established in 2015, the Bhutan Postal Museum continues to play a crucial role in safeguarding and telling the story of Bhutan’s progress and development through the lens of the evolution of communications and postal system in the country.


This article first appeared in BBS and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.


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