October the Peak Trekking Season in Bhutan- Where are you trekking this season ?


The mountains are the most prominent natural geography features of Bhutan. located on the southern end of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan has one of the most rugged mountain terrains in the world, whose elevations range from 160 meters (520) to more than 7000 meters (23,000 ft) above the sea level.


The highest point in Bhutan is Gangkar Phuensum, which has the distinction of being the highest unclimbed mountains in the world at 7570 meters. Weather is extreme in the mountains; the high peaks have perpetual snow and the lesser mountains and hewn gorges have high winds all year round making them barren brown wind tunnels in summer and frozen wastelands in the winter. The blizzards generated in the north each winter often drifts southward into the central highlands.

Below the rock and ice of the highland peaks lies an extensive arc of Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadow which contain in additions to grasslands, a wide variety of Rhododendrons, and herbaceous plants.

Popular Trekking Trails

Dagala- Thousand Lakes Trek 

Presently there are ten most popular trekking trails in Bhutan, some of which are Druk Path Trek, Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek, Snowmen Trek, Dagala Trek, Merak Sakteng Trek, Gangtey Trek, Bumthang Cultural Trek, etc.. This trekking route passes through a gorgeous natural landscape of blue pine forests, high ridges, and pristine lakes while at the same time offering the opportunity to visit some ancient temples, fortresses, and villages.

The trekking trails at the higher elevations are usually adorned with a multitude of pristine crystal clear lakes. Enroute Jomolhari trek, trekkers will see one of the most stunning glacier lakes. The name of the green emerald lake is known as ‘Tsophu Lake/Twin Lake’. Besides that one of the best ethnographic/  immersive experiences higher up at the mountain is meeting nomads. Today, the mountains are guarded by the last generation of nomads.

Nomads with their Yak 

Best Trekking Season in Bhutan

There are two key things you should think about when planning when to trek in Bhutan. First is the weather, and the second is the timing of festivals. These are so spectacular that it is well worthwhile tweaking your trekking dates a little to see one. Regarding the treks, the best part about the spring trek is you will see myriad Rhododendrons in technicolor blooms and it’s more likely to see the wildlife coming out from hibernation after inclement Himalayas winter.

Rhododendrons blooming during spring  

For trekkers, the most appropriate trekking times are mid-March to mid-May and mid-September to the beginning of November. There are however also trekking routes that are better suited to Summer or Winter. Earlier in the year, the light is sharper but the nights are very cold. In autumn, after the rainy season, the skies clear and the leaves begin to turn yellow. Between mid-June and mid-September, one should expect regular rainfall.

Current situation

Ever since tourism started in 1974, the eastern Himalayan mountain embraced tourists and local helpers on the trekking trail. Local trekkers were always outnumbered by International trekkers bur for the first time in the history of mountaineering more Bhutanese are seen trekking to popular trekking trails.

Trekking and Camping  


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