Meet 102 Year Old Kinzang Mo Who Has Been To Most Sacred Sites Of Bhutan – On Foot


The long life of Kinzang Mo and her ability to work is an inspiration to many in the community and villagers visit her during auspicious occasions.

(Source: Kuensel)


By Nima Kuensel

It is the peak of summer in Bhutan now and the people of Dromashong in the village of Maenbi, Lhuentse district are busy at work in the paddy fields.

The elderly are left at home with no work to do or they spend their days chanting prayers.

However, 102-year-old Kinzang Mo, the oldest resident in Lhuentse is not sitting idle. She prepares fodder for the cattle while her granddaughter returns home after milking the cows.  


Photo: Tourism Council of Bhutan


Despite her loss of hearing and slower movements, Kinzang Mo still reminds her granddaughter to start paddy cultivation. 

Kinzang Mo is still active at her age

The villagers admire the centenarian for her ability to walk without help at this age. Moreover, Kinzang Mo often helps her granddaughter, Tshering Bidha with gardening and other light chores. 

“I feel restless when I stay idle. My body can hardly keep up with age but I try hard to walk and work a bit,” Kinzang Mo said. 

Tshering Bidha said her grandmother has been able to take care of herself so far.

“At this time of the year, she would talk more about paddy plantation than us.”

The amazing travels undertaken by Kinzang Mo – on foot


 Source: Druk Asia


Born in 1917, Kinzang Mo takes pride in having toured most of the sacred sites in Bhutan on foot. She is also among those in the country to see the vehicles and the first motor road between Thimphu and Phuentsholing. 

Having lived with Kinzang Mo for decades, Tshering Bidha said that a common story Kinzang Mo shared with the locals were her memories of visiting some spiritual places such as Bodh Gaya in India, Lhasa in Tibet and Jarungkhashor Chorten in Nepal on foot. 

Seventy-eight-year-old Dechen Choden, also a relative of Kinzang Mo, said that the centenarian could be among the few who had visited those sacred sites. 

“Kinzang Mo accompanied local businessmen while travelling to Lhasa, she also shared stories about her encounter with important religious figures in the country,” she said.

Kinzang Mo is an inspirational figure in her community

The long life of Kinzang Mo and her ability to work is an inspiration to many in the community and villagers visit her during auspicious occasions. 


Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life

Photo: Pinterest


The locals believe that she was able to live such a long life because she was involved in reciting sacred Buddhist scriptures at a community temple where  Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life resides.

“Many believed that the sacred statue of the temple has blessed her with long life for leading the works of offerings and reciting sacred scriptures in the temple,” said Tshogpa Tshering Dorji.


This article first appeared in Kuensel and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.


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