Haa Gears Up To Host Bhutan’s 6th Royal Flower Exhibition In June 2020


The June 2020 exhibition will mark the first time that Haa will be holding the event.

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By MB Subba | Kuensel

Come June 2020, the district of Haa will host the 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition for a week.

The Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition was initiated upon the Royal Command in 2015, with the vision of fostering beautiful living spaces and promoting economic activities in each district.

Haa’s Dzongdag, Kinzang Dorji briefed the Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) on November 20 about the significance of the exhibition, as he intends to make it different and unique from past exhibitions.


5th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition held in Samdrup Jongkhar

Source: Youtube/Denkars Getaway


Five such exhibitions have been held so far in various dzongkhags (districts), the last one being held in the district of Samdrup Jongkhar.

Benefits which the exhibition will bring to Haa

The June 2020 exhibition will mark the first time that Haa will be holding the event, and the dzongkhag is planning to use it as an opportunity to promote tourism.

The exhibition would be one of the most significant events for the dzongkhag after the 110th National Day celebrations in 2017 and the Moenlam Chenmo (Great Prayer Festival) presided over by His Holiness the Je Khenpo.

Kinzang Dorji emphasised that it will be a great opportunity to make the dzongkhag beautiful, unique and sustainable.

To get ready for the exhibition, besides growing flowers, landscapes, animal pictures, drainages, roads and water supply among others will be set up for the show.

In addition, households, villages, gewogs (villages), and institutions will be asked to take care of beautification works in their own areas.

Looking ahead, the dzongkhag’s plan is to sustain the beautification and landscapes much beyond the exhibition period.

“We’ll conduct beautification audits to make sure that the programme is sustained,” the dzongdag said. He has also sought support from the local leaders and other officials in the dzongkhag.

Preparatory works underway

Preparatory works are expected to be completed by March next year after which the dzongkhag will start planting flowers.

“Agencies are working in their own areas.”


Discover what Haa has in store for you through the eyes of Mark Wiens

Source: Youtube/Mark Wiens

According to the dzongdag, 25 sites have been chosen within the town for the flower exhibition. Currently, the construction of footpaths, landscapes, and planting of trees are underway.

On top of that, infrastructure including roads are being improved, and the town is also getting a facelift as part of the preparation.

Management of dogs and stray animals, the dzongdag said, is one of the important components of the programme. He said that those who let their animals stray will be imposed with fines.

Managing stray dogs has been one of the problems hindering the growth of tourism in the dzongkhag. Kinzang Dorji also urged each household to adopt a dog to tackle the stray dog population in the dzongkhag.

“However, it’s not compulsory but an opportunity to adopt a pet dog,” he said.


This article first appeared in Kuensel and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.



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