Gokab – The First Dance Studio To Be Registered In Bhutan For Dancing Enthusiasts


Gokab, a youth group comprising of mostly dance enthusiasts, has seen a healthy growth of membership numbers since its inception in 2015.

Gokab Dance Studio based in Thimphu. (Source: Dancedeets)


By Lucky Wangmo Kuensel

“There is potential for a career in dancing in Bhutan, and this would be one career where there are no Monday blues.”

With dancing getting increasingly popular among the younger generation, Bhutan will be getting its first-ever dance studio.

Gokab, a youth group comprising of mostly dance enthusiasts, has seen a healthy growth of  membership numbers since its inception in 2015. Though the Gokab dance studio was initiated in 2016, they are planning to formally register as the first dance studio in the country.


Source: Youtube/Yeshi Lhendup Films


The mentor of Gokab, Dr. Tregxel Tenzin Dorji, who is also a dental surgeon at Paro Hospital, said that there are many children who are keen on learning the art of dance.

Why is there a need to get a proper dance studio?

However, the main reason for coming up with a dance studio was mainly due to the lack of space for practice.  Children had to resort to using the reflection off tinted glasses of shops and hotels for their dance practice.

“But we have seen how these children were treated as miscreants and chased away by the securities, disturbed by the real miscreants and also the weather,” he said.


Source: Kuensel Online


“So we decided that there was a need for a clean place which is apt for these aspiring artists where they could come and perfect their skills and share, and learn from one another,” said Dr. Tregxel Tenzin Dorji.

He also said that the importance of a private space to gather and practice was felt, which led him to rent a space on a floor above the Jichu Drakery Bakery.

“We converted this space into a dance space where numerous performances and fund raising was carried out to keep that space,” he said.

However, last year, Gokab was offered a well-equipped space at a minimal rent which is now the Gokab dance studio run by two dance scholarship recipients. The other dancers helped by keeping the space clean, shiny and running.

How dancing as an art form has evolved in Bhutan over the years

Talking about how dance has evolved in Bhutan over the years, Dr. Tregxel Tenzin Dorji said that Gokab has already achieved heights which they thought would actually take more than a decade to achieve.


Source: Pikcat


“The talents are genuine and raw,” he said.

Milestones achieved by Gokab dancers so far

Gokab has already represented Bhutan in India and Nepal and very recently in Taiwan for the Youth Olympics where the Gokab dancers ranked 26th.

To enhance their skills in this modern art form and also to learn the skills in order to teach this art form, Gokab sent two youths on scholarship to Delhi and Thailand. There are also plans in the pipeline to send two more youths to Mumbai for a three-month course.


This article first appeared in Business Bhutan and has been edited for the Daily Bhutan.


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