Fulfilling His Majesty The King’s Vision To Develop Space Science &Technology In Bhutan


The PANOPTES telescope project was initiated to fulfil the vision of His Majesty The King to pioneer and foster technological education in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s first satellite (a CubeSat), BHUTAN-1 piggybacked on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with other payload to the International Space Station at 3:42 p.m BST on Friday, 29th June, 2018 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA. (Source: Ministry for Information and Communications)


By Dechen Tshomo | Kuensel

Bhutan’s venture into space science and technology began with the launch of the country’s first CubeSat - BHUTAN-1 last year.

This marked the Kingdom’s first step towards the development of it’s Space Science and Technology Programme which is a vision of His Majesty The King.

Last week, in what was yet another milestone in the field of education and research in the country, a team of astronomers from PANOPTES (Panoptic Astronomical Networked Observatories for a Public Transiting Exoplanets Survey), was in the country to install telescopes and train students on its operation at the Royal Academy in Pangbisa, Paro.

About the PANOPTES project

PANOPTES is a citizen science project, which aims to build low cost, robotic telescopes that can be used to detect transiting exoplanets, the planets orbiting around other stars outside the solar system.


Photo: Kuensel


The project coordinator, Dasho Tashi Wangyal said that the new facility seeks to foster the imagination and creativity of Bhutanese youth and also to encourage students to take greater interest in learning science and mathematics, which are critical for astronomy and other technological pursuits.

The second PANOPTES telescope will be installed at the College of Science and Technology in the district of Phuentsholing and the third one, after a suitable location has been identified.

One of the astronomers, Jennifer Lumbres said that about 19 students were involved in all aspects of building the hardware as well as getting hands-on experience with the software to control the units.

The students, who had prior knowledge in coding were also taught programming of the telescope using python - an interpretative, high-level and general-purpose programming language.

The recently installed telescope will join the global community of 17 existing PANOPTES telescopes around the world. The photographs and images taken by the telescopes can also be accessed by anybody, anywhere in the world.

“With the telescopes deployed successfully, Bhutan will join the global effort for expanding scientific education, research and collaboration,” Dasho Tashi Wangyal said.

He added that this is just the beginning of a broader ambition to introduce space related education and technology among Bhutanese youth across the country.

Another astronomer, Wilfred Gee said that the PANOPTES units are small and student-oriented scientific telescopes which are designed to survive in all weather conditions. They are not just for people who like science, math or robotics.

“We want artists, dreamers and people to help contribute and spread that knowledge throughout so we have people building fundamental units.”


Project PANOPTES: Enabling citizen scientists to find exoplanets with affordable technology 

Source: Youtube/Denver Astronomical Society


The PANOPTES telescope project, initiated to fulfil the vision of His Majesty The King to pioneer and foster technological education in Bhutan, was supported by Dr. Pete Worden (Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation) and led by Professor Olivier Guyon.

Encourage young Bhutanese to be interested in astronomy

While in the country the astronomers also gave a public talk on ‘Exploring the Universe’ to a packed auditorium comprising of students and professionals interested in astronomy on August 12 in Thimphu.

Sonam Tshering, a corporate employee who attended the talk said that as a kid, he was fascinated by space science. He said that it was inspiring to see many children asking the astronomers questions.

“But we never got such opportunity to actually have astronomers talk about it and learn. This just shows their curiosity and interest to learn more.”

Sharing her experience at the event, one of Bhutan’s first space engineers, Yeshey Choden said that the biggest force that has made all of these surreal things a reality for Bhutanese is His Majesty The King’s unparalleled passion and guidance to enhance technology in the country, which has given birth to introducing Space Science and Technology in Bhutan.

The importance of satellite images for the agriculture sector

The 25-year-old said that agriculture contributes to almost 20 percent of the GDP and two-third of the population depends on agriculture for livelihood.

Life on the farm, she said would be easier and much more efficient if only we knew what would happen to our crops in advance, what kind of diseases are likely to affect rice production, or what crops should we focus on cultivating.

She explained that crop yields can be estimated with remote sensing satellite data while disaster communication satellites will help in smooth communication during disasters. Moreover, forest and water resources can also be monitored using satellite images and so on.

Picking up ‘Space Science and Technology’ skills in Japan

Yeshi Choden was one of the four Bhutanese engineers who designed and built the country’s first satellite, BHUTAN-1, as a part of their Master’s Programme in Japan.


Three CubeSats were deployed from the International Space Station “KIBO” Japanese Experiment Module on 10 August 2018: BHUTAN-1(Kingdom of Bhutan), MAYA-1(The Philippines) and UiTMSAT-1(Malaysia).

Source: Youtube/SciNews


Through His Majesty The King’s vision to raise awareness and interest in Space Science and Technology, in 2016 Bhutan sent engineers to the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan to study space engineering and to participate in the BIRDS-2 Project.

The BIRDS project is a cross-border interdisciplinary satellite project for non-space faring countries supported by Japan.

The Chief ICT officer with the Division of Telecom and Space, Sonam Phuntsho said that Bhutan’s journey into space has taken off as a result of the vision of His Majesty The King to harness space resources and technologies for the benefit of the country and its people.

In line with the Royal vision, the first step is to explore possibilities of utilising the space resources available to Bhutan and to build capacity in the area.

Engineers were sent to Japan to study space engineering and to participate in the BIRDS-2 Project in 2016 to enhance capacity building.

The launch of the BHUTAN-1, he said was a major achievement as it was a satellite that was designed and built entirely by Bhutanese engineers and was the first major milestone in achieving His Majesty’s vision.


This article first appeared in Kuensel and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.


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