Bhutan Held Workshop To Create Awareness On Intellectual Property


Thus far, great effort has been made by the government and the law school in Bhutan to promote intellectual property rights.

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By Phub GyemBBS

Not many Bhutanese are aware of or have a culture of respecting intellectual property and intellectual property rights.

Therefore, to heighten the level of awareness regarding intellectual property and to educate individuals and companies about intellectual property registration, the Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law organised a two-day workshop on intellectual property in Thimphu from 4-5 March 2020.

Importance of understanding intellectual property and intellectual property rights

So why should you be aware of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property rights? Experts say that education on protecting Intellectual Property is important and timely for Bhutan where technology and technological innovations are in the evolving stage. Intellectual property plays an important role in fostering a creative and innovative culture.

“Following the end of the two-day seminar, we are confident that Bhutan will be set up with the right Intellectual Property (IP) foundation to be on the world stage. As technology shifts from just what we usually think as computer programmes and hardware to every business is now a tech business like a bank or a car. As technology evolves into almost every part of our lives, having a robust IP system to reward that development and to elevate Bhutan’s prominence in the tech community is going to be first and foremost,” said Bijal Vakil, from White & Case LLP based in the US.


We've come a long way since 'Sea Monster' was patented nearly 600 years ago. Our world has been shaped by intellectual property. Hear how intellectual property has evolved in this 3 minute video.

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“We have had an opportunity to meet with a number of people today and it is clear that Bhutan is a burgeoning field of technology and IP law is the very core aspect of the law that protects technology and STEMs.”

Thus far, great effort has been made by the government and the law school in Bhutan to promote intellectual property and intellectual property rights.

“And we are hoping as part of our efforts to bring in more awareness of Intellectual Property as it applies in the world market and how it operates in the global space and how further to educate and illuminate aspects of IP law that Bhutan could further develop on,” added Kirupa Pushparaj, the Director of IP for Square Inc. at San Francisco.

What some of the participants said

The participants said that the lessons from the workshop would enable them to handle their clients and the general public better, regarding intellectual property henceforth.

“I feel it is very timely for us. As of today we do not know where and how laws related to intellectual property work in the country. As being a private practising lawyer, we have to fulfil the expectations of our clients. As of now, I have never come across any cases related to Intellectual Property. But time is changing and so is everything, anything could come up any time. So this is very timely,” said Sonam Yangden, a private practising lawyer.

“For our entrepreneurs and people in general, Intellectual Property is very important because it tells us about intellectual minds, what one can do for the benefit of the country or what one can invent and get the government to protect his ideas,” shared Prakash Rasaily, an Intellectual Property Agent at the Dept. of Intellectual Property.

“It is very important to know about IP and from the workshop where we have facilitators from the US, we could learn a lot from them and then be able to share with others and our clients hereafter,” added Ngawang Choden, also a private practising lawyer.

Workshops like this would go a long way in helping Bhutan enforce its laws surrounding intellectual property.

Bhutan has two Acts, the Industrial Property Act and Copyright Act to protect innovations, trademarks and copyrights but enforcement has been a challenge as many people are still not aware of the value of intellectual property.


This article first appeared in BBS and has been edited for Daily Bhutan.



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